What Do We Do?

Code, write, and stuff.

The Staff:

Will Dean

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Homepage: willscorner.net

The oldest and most mature in Woot Industries. He hates to write and likes to code.

Cyle Hawkins

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Homepage: PiFighter

Beats litte kids up with Nasa models (only if they aren't to scale Edit: Cyle)

Rafael Suarez

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Rafael is main tech support member for the sites. His contributions to the site are helping users, and he does the press releases. He is a small time computer consultant as well as full time student. While online and not working, Rafael reads web comics and is strong advocate of P2P and Linux. When away from the computer, he is usually hiking, biking, or spending time with his girlfriend (Officer Sara).

Zakery Lee

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Homepage: Phased Concepts

"Employee of the Century"
The one and only employee of WooT Industries. Zak spends excessive time as a student when not writing or reading. Or soldering.